USA HERALD: Feckless, Cowardly and Incompetent: Adam Putnam’s Embarrassing Campaign for Governor

USA Herald: Written by Paul O' Neal. August 21, 2017.


Jack Latvala may be a lot of things, but you’ve got to respect a guy who tells it like it is. When asked recently if he had a propensity to act like a jerk, Latvala countered with this: “A lot of people will tell you that I’m an assh…, but they’ll also tell you that I’m their assh…!” Such vulgar and self-deprecating talk is rarely the mark of a candidate for public office, but Jack Latvala is, well, different.

Then there is Adam Putnam. Putnam’s recent campaign performance represents everything that is wrong with American politics. He ponders, he panders, and he politicizes everything in such a way that one wonders if Putnam may be an evolutionary miracle; the first man to stand upright without a spine.

For a man who reportedly has spent his entire life running for Governor, we see someone who knows not who he is or from where he came. Putnam’s early campaign has proven him to be quite capable of raising money and gratuitously good at sucking up to moneyed, influential special interests.

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