DAILY CALLER: The U.S. Sugar Program Is A Sour Deal

Daily Caller: Written by William Christian. July 5, 2017. 

There is no better illustration of the adage that there is nothing more permanent than a temporary program than the federal sugar program. The Sugar Act of 1934 named sugar beets and sugarcane basic commodities, and put quotas on domestic sugar segments, foreign imports, and included marketing allotments and labor provisions. It was supposed to sunset at the end of 1937.

But the sugar program has survived another 80 years, thanks to the efforts of a narrow interest group (the well-heeled Big Sugar lobby), which has persuaded members of Congress that the sugar industry must perpetually feed at the trough of federal subsidies. Farm bill after farm bill, the sugar program gets the rubber stamp of approval, including from policymakers who bill themselves as fiscal conservatives.

There is nothing conservative about supporting a corporate welfare program that benefits wealthy sugar processors and large farms at the expense of hardworking Americans

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