Discovering The Everglades

For centuries, people have viewed swamps and wetlands as obstacles to avoid. But for photographer Mac Stone, who documents the stories of wildlife in Florida's Everglades, the swamp isn't a hindrance — it's a national treasure. Through his stunning photographs, Mac shines a new light on a neglected, ancient and important wilderness. His message: get out and experience it for yourself. "Just do it — put your feet in the water," he says. "The swamp will change you, I promise."


A conservation and wildlife photographer from Gainesville, Florida, Mac is helping to rewrite the negative narrative that is so commonly tied to the swamps and wetlands of America’s Everglades. A globally renowned photographer, he is a fellow with the International League of Conservation Photographers and is the author of Everglades: America's Wetland. 

Enjoy this 20-minute TED Talk at the University of Florida as Mac hopes to reintroduce these wetlands to the public and encourages us all to protect it through his breathtaking photography.


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