WASHINGTON EXAMINER: Uncle Sam's surprising role: Sugar cartel kingpin

Washington Examiner: Written by Colin Grabow. April 16, 2018.

Kirk Vashaw, CEO of the Spangler Candy Company, employs more than 500 workers at his company’s Bryan, Ohio, production facility. He says he’d like to hire more, and with 900 applicants for jobs last year there is no shortage of interest. But Vashaw says that the federal government’s meddling prevents the math from working out.

To bring them on, Vashaw asks but one simple thing of Washington policymakers: “Let us buy sugar on the free market.”

Vashaw’s request likely comes as no surprise to those familiar with the federal government’s sugar program. Despite widely-held perceptions of the United States as a free-market exemplar, the buying and selling of sugar in this country is wrought with central planning and government manipulation. Incredibly, the goal of such intervention is not to lower costs to consumers but rather to raise the price of sugar beyond what it would otherwise be.

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