NATIONAL REVIEW: U.S. Sugar Policy: A Bitter Pill for Americans

National Review: Written by Virginia Foxx & Grover Norquist. May 11, 2018.

In Washington, D.C., “special interests” are like the weather: Everyone talks about them, but rarely does anyone do something about them. Politicians campaign against special interests and run ads promising to “drain the swamp” and “end corporate welfare.” And yet, again and again, small groups wield great political muscle to win subsidies and special deals for themselves at the expense of taxpayers and consumers in the 50 states. The special interests work Washington like an ATM: We pay; they walk away with the cash.

But every once in a while, the good guys win. The special interests get too greedy. The backroom deals are opened to view. Taxpayers, consumers, and honest dealers in Washington focus on the money grab, and they decide — this time — to do something about it.

One big victory for consumers was won in Great Britain in 1848. (Sadly, we have to go back a long time and look thousands of miles overseas to find a good example.) The Corn Laws of that day limited grain imports, freeing domestic landowners to hike the prices paid by British consumers. Food prices were skyrocketing, manufacturing was suppressed, and the pocketbooks of citizens were being drained as their cost of living became unbearable.

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