SUN SENTINEL: To protect South Florida, pick up pace of Everglades protection

Sun Sentinel: Written by Sun Sentinel Editorial Board. October 5, 2018.

Saving the Everglades from sea-level rise means much more to South Florida than just protecting panthers, alligators and the bald eagle.

Without the Everglades as a source of drinking water and a buffer to hurricanes, the people living in South Florida are the ones who risk becoming an endangered species.

The Everglades guards our western flank during hurricanes, absorbing drenching rains and rising waters. And long after storm season passes, its fresh water replenishes the underground supplies we tap to drink.

But if a rising sea creeps up from the south and swallows parts of the Everglades, the storm surge we face on the Atlantic Coast after hurricanes could appear from the west, too.

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