THE HUFFINGTON POST: Marco Rubio Alienates Florida GOP Voters

THE HUFFINGTON POST: March 7, 2016. Written by Alan Farago. 

On March 15, Marco Rubio will run out of Florida voters to fool. Today he is looking forward to a day he expects: “Marco Rubio is Florida Country.” In fact, as he looks inwards, he and Republican state officials will have to question a tenet of Florida’s GOP majority: that voters don’t care, don’t know about, or are indifferent to Big Sugar’s control by proxy of property values and taxes.

The secret handshakes between the state GOP and Big Sugar concern water policy. In 2014 the Tampa Bay Times documented secret hunting trips paid for by US Sugar Corporation to the King Ranch in Texas. Only Republican legislators were invited to partake by private jet, luxury accommodations, free wine and booze and what else. It wouldn’t be a big deal today, but for historic January rainfall that sent a tidal wave of water pollution across the thresholds of mainly GOP voters at the wrong time of year.

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