Team Everglades -

Earlier this week, U.S. District Judge Federico Moreno ruled for the Everglades and against the SFWMD's motion to vacate a 1992 federal consent decree that prevents the pollution of phosphorus in the Everglades.

Among other things, the order sets thresholds for the amount of phosphorous in the Everglades, an ingredient in fertilizer from the vast sugar-growing regions to the north that promotes unhealthy plant growth, choking off life in the sprawling wetlands marsh.

Big Sugar has been fighting this federal oversight since 1992 and tried, once again, to be released from scrutiny by using a rogue board at the District to do their bidding one last time. Remember, we have a new Governor, Ron DeSantis, who has called for each and every board member’s resignation for bad behavior.

We are grateful to all the organizations, especially our partners, who stood alongside us. We are especially grateful to Judge Federico Moreno, who looked at the case and applied the law fairly and reasonably. And in doing so, the people – along with all the critters who call the Everglades home – won.

Stick with us!

Kimberly Mitchell, Executive Director

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