THE EVERGLADES FOUNDATION: The Everglades and King Tides

THE EVERGLADES FOUNDATION: October 14, 2016. Written by Stephen Davis, Ph.D., and Edyna Garcia.

This year’s arrival of the King Tide generated quite a bit of traction due to the impressive flooding seen in low-lying areas of South Florida. If you were to login to Twitter, Instagram or Facebook and search the hashtag #KingTide, you would find photos and videos of “sunny day flooding” of seawalls, docks, yards and streets. Impacts to developed areas from King Tide flooding are readily observable and of great concern for many municipalities across South Florida. What is less apparent are the impacts of King Tides on the Everglades and the growing need for Everglades restoration.

In order to understand King Tides, we need to take it back to 8th grade Science class, as the connection between the moon, sun, and ocean is fundamental to understanding the growing contribution of sea level rise on King Tide-induced coastal flooding. The short of it is that tides and oceans are much more complex than we think!

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