The Everglades: A Federal Priority 

Last week, we shared with you the good news that the Florida Legislature delivered on Governor DeSantis’ record funding request for the Everglades.

Earlier this week, President Trump gave his public support (in a Tweet, no less) for the $200 million for Everglades funding we’ve been calling for, urging Congress to join him. For years, we've lobbied the federal government to hold up their end of the bargain for Everglades restoration, only to see the Everglades shortchanged.

For all who understand the urgency of this decades-long effort, this is tremendous news. But more work will need to be done to ensure this requested level is sustained.

Remember, when signed into law by Jeb Bush and Bill Clinton in 2000, the Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan became a partnership – a 50/50 cost share between the state and the federal government. While the state has funded some restoration projects, federal funding has continued to lag.

We are grateful to Governor DeSantis and Florida’s Congressional delegation, including both US Senators, exhibiting unanimous and bi-partisan support, for helping President Trump understand the critical nature of Everglades funding and what’s at stake without it.

We fight for what we love. We speak for America’s Everglades, which have no voice. Your emails and calls to your local, state and federal representatives help us make the difference. Without public support and pressure, Everglades successes are impossible.

Stick with us! 

Kimberly Mitchell, Executive Director 

“You say ‘thank you’ for this $200 million but also recognize that this level of commitment needs to be there this year and the year after and the year after ... the longer things go, the more expensive they get. There’s a lot at stake for the state of Florida. Chop chop – let’s get this done.”

MIAMI HERALD: White House changes course, backs push for $200M in Everglades Funding

Costa Sunglasses released this phenomenal video to help educate Floridians on what is imperiling the Everglades and three vital coastal estuaries.

Protecting our watery world is part of their DNA – and ours. We do this work with great care and urgency, because it remains Now Or Neverglades.

Costa: Save the Everglades and Florida's waters

Pepe and Alfy Fanjul could easily swap some of their land for state land to make the reservoir project much more beneficial, by allowing Lake O water to move south to man-made filtration marshes. After all, we all pay to clean up the pollution coming off their land and heavily subsidize their business. Why do you think they refuse 🤔

TC PALM Analysis: Uncooperative Florida Crystals holds key to Lake Okeechobee reservoir expansion

Rearranging priorities, even in their mission statement, tells us a lot about this new Governing Board's priorities. It's a 180 from the brazen sugar-aligned former board. These are the building blocks of progress.

Thank you, Jacqui Thurlow-Lippisch, for leading the charge!

TC PALM: SFWMD board OKs new mission statement emphasizing environmental protection, transparency

Governor DeSantis put forth an aggressive, bold agenda, and the largest funding request to go with it, just a few days into his term of office. We have a growing number of legislators who are beginning to see the light. But not nearly enough. The sugar cartel and polluters still call too many shots in the Florida Legislature.

BRADENTON HERALD: What did Florida lawmakers do about red tide? Not enough, critics say

Evelyn Gaiser, PhD – Everglades and climate change superstar.

“The ecologist is among the five experts who have been called on to make recommendations to expedite nutrient reduction projects and to identify opportunities to fund those projects in and around Lake O and other key waterways.”

FIU NEWS: Ecologist joins state algae task force

We have been very impressed with the work this freshman has been doing in DC on behalf of the Everglades. Congresswoman Debbie Mucarsel-Powell is an example of a new generation of thoughtful leaders, putting the people's priorities ahead of special interests, like Big Sugar.

E&E NEWS: Meet Florida's scuba-diving congresswoman

We’re witnessing a shift in the priorities of the new SFWMD Governing Board that is well overdue. It’s past time that agencies charged with the public trust actually worked for the public and not special interests. Regulating pollution and holding polluters accountable? How refreshing.

We applaud this Governing Board’s commitment to transparency, the public interest and common sense.

TC PALM: New SFWMD board hints at regulating water polluters, criticizes BMPs honor system

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