TCPALM: Guest column: Confluence of crises in Florida

TCPALM: October 12, 2016. Written by Wayne Mills.

If things weren't bad enough with sea level rise flooding South Florida on high tides and especially full moons, the Zika virus, toxic algal blooms on the east and west coasts of Florida, saltwater incursion in wells 3 miles inland, fish kills, algal blooms along the 156-mile-long Indian River Lagoon — now we have what the media is reporting may be the biggest sinkhole in Florida’s history.

A major phosphate company near Tampa, Mosaic, developed a leak in its storage pond, with a 45-foot-wide hole in the bottomdraining an estimated 215 million gallons of toxic and radioactive waste into the aquifer. The hole could be as deep as 750 feet and, if so, it would readily contaminate the Florida aquifer serving millions of Floridians. Oh, and Mosaic didn’t think to notify the public or the state when it occurred.

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