Captain Steve Friedman

Steve Friedman (D) House District 120   Steve Friedman 

Capt. Steve Friedman, Holly Raschein,

Florida Bay and Big Sugar.

Big Sugar’s decades-long stranglehold over Florida’s water, waterways and America’s Everglades needs to come to a grinding, screeching halt. But as millions of Floridians understand today, to ensure the demise of their political control is no small feat.

The sugar industry supports politicians from both political parties, so their reign can only come to an end when we do the same, putting partisanship aside and electing the right people who are willing and able to buck the status quo.
This year, we have endorsed Ron DeSantis and other Republicans who are standing up to sugar’s influence. We have also endorsed Capt. Steve Friedman and other Democrats who are doing so, as well. What these candidates have in common is what matters – their love for our waterways and commitment to prioritizing the solutions that continue to be thwarted by Big Sugar.
Right now, the voters of Monroe County can send a true Everglades and Florida Bay champion to Tallahassee. And in the race for State House #120, the choice could not be easier or clearer: Captain Steve Friedman stands with the Everglades and Florida Bay. 

His opponent, incumbent Holly Raschein, stands with Big Sugar. Despite representing a district which literally encompasses most of the Everglades and Florida Bay, Raschein has voted year after year for bills to further delay the cleanup of Lake Okeechobee (the source of the green toxic algae plaguing our waters today) and to let polluters like the sugarcane industry off the hook for cleaning up their mess.

As a backcountry fishing guide in Islamorada, Capt. Steve Friedman literally watched the 2015 Florida Bay seagrass die-off in real-time. With his livelihood on the line, he took action as the head of the Florida Keys Fishing Guides Association advocating in Tallahassee and Washington for accelerating Everglades restoration, specifically to get fresh water flowing south again to Florida Bay.
We can think of no stronger message to send than defeating one of Big Sugar’s top lieutenants, Holly Raschein, and sending a fishing guide, Capt. Steve Friedman, to Tallahassee. 

It is not hyperbole when we say, it’s Now Or Neverglades.

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