EYE ON MIAMI: See what Big Sugar really looks like

Eye on Miami: Written by gimlet eye. January 22, 2018.

Take a look. Look at the photos. As seasons cycle, this is what the Big Sugar outcome looks like.

Take a good look: your Everglades, your waterfronts, fishing and swimming, your waterways, your tourism-based jobs, your county and your state are all sacrifice zones to giant piles of sugar like this.

What is good for sugar -- and billionaires supported by subsidies in the US Farm Bill -- is manifestly bad for you.

Sugar is always the 3rd rail in Florida politics. Its public relations and political machinery meshes government with lobbying and marketing budgets. Just like Big Tobacco spent decades telling consumers smoking was benign and did not cause cancer.

Dark sugar money pools everywhere elected officials scramble for campaign cash. To that rule there are exceptions, but there are no exceptions to its domination of water management in Florida. Big Sugar gets water on its own terms.

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