MIAMI HERALD: Politics obstructs Everglades Park restoration

Miami Herald: Written by  Lloyd Wruble. January 31, 2018.

As Chairman of the Herman Lucerne Foundation, I read with great interest the Jan. 29 article by Jenny Staletovich, “Aging facilities in park have fallen on hard times,” regarding Everglades National Park. I would like to make a correction.

All park-maintained channel markers in Florida Bay were repaired and missing markers were replaced prior to Hurricane Irma under the present Superintendent, Pedro Ramos. Our foundation helped to provide the necessary funds for the project.

We also intend to provide the needed funds to repair those markers damaged or destroyed by the hurricane.

The author was correct that the markers are intended to protect the sea grasses. Unfortunately, the sea grasses which are vital to the health of Florida Bay, have been severely decimated by the lack of a freshwater flow to the bay. This has resulted in tremendous algae growth, which has killed off most of our sea grasses by not allowing needed sunlight to penetrate to the grasses.

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