SUN SENTINEL: For Rick Scott, political protection beats flood protection

Sun Sentinel: Written by Randy Schultz. August 1,2017.

The setting was perfect Monday afternoon for Gov. Rick Scott’s latest political game with South Florida’s most important public agency.

Though the South Florida Water Management District’s nine board members were scheduled to choose a new executive director, not one was present at district headquarters in West Palm Beach. All participated by phone. No matter.

Under Scott, the board doesn’t set policy. Scott sets policy, through directors he chooses. The new one is Ernie Marks. The board took 20 minutes to hire the person who must protect the southern third of Florida from flooding, ensure an adequate water supply and oversee Everglades restoration.

Of course, the discussion didn’t need to take long. The governor had given the board one choice. Serving on the South Florida Water Management District board once was prestigious. These days, board members are just the governor’s political props.

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