We Demand a Long-term Plan


We demand a long-term plan to save the Florida Everglades, which provides 1 in 3 Floridians with fresh drinking water.

Last November, 75% of Florida voters supported a constitutional amendment requiring the Florida Legislature to designate nearly $700 million to projects and land purchases that would help save the Florida Everglades and protect our drinking water.

Scientists, experts and Florida voters agree -- the Florida legislature did not obey the constitution and adequately fund projects and land buys to save the Everglades and our drinking water. Projects like buying critical land south of Lake Okeechobee that over 200 scientists agree, would help save Florida’s drinking water and protect our Everglades, was left behind, while legislators protected the special interests.

We voted to provide our legislature with the resources necessary to save our state’s most precious resources but Florida legislators ignored the will of the people.

We demand Governor Rick Scott, Florida legislators and the South Florida Water Management District listen to Florida voters and develop a long-term plan  that will save the Everglades and protect Florida’s drinking water.


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