Sugar Spoon

Since the account was opened in 2015, Putnam’s PAC, Florida Grown, has taken in more than $9.2M from sugar companies, directly and indirectly.


Below, we show you how it's done. We’ve included only donations made by US Sugar and Florida Crystals, and some other sugar-related companies to nine PACs from 2015-2018. From there we looked at the amounts those PACs contributed to Putnam’s PAC.


Sugar $ to Putnam Chart


Sugar money flows in, toxic algae flows out. 

The sugar cartel, often referred to as Big Sugar, is a loosely organized collection of corporations, affiliates and shell companies. In Florida, they are directed by the same handful of people, for the same outcome – to enrich two sugar baron families, the Fanjuls of Palm Beach and the heirs to the CS Mott fortune of Flint, MI, by reducing pollution standards and controlling water and politicians. 

In the world of political gamesmanship, you cannot serve two masters. The proof, as they say, is in the pudding. And in Florida, it’s the toxic algae in our waterways. 

Direct Contributions – $865,000 

The amount of money that Florida Crystals and US Sugar and a few of their partners or subsidiaries have given to Putnam's PAC, Florida Grown, since 2015, is more than $865,00

Indirect contributions – $8,366,500 

The amount of indirect money that a handful of sugar corporations have given to Putnam's PAC, Florida Grown, since 2015, is more than $8.3 million. 

They do this through a transfer of money to other PACs, which in turn contribute to Putnam’s PAC. It’s a dizzying array of transfers of vast sums of money, meant to keep people in the dark about just how much money they are contributing.

They’ll tell you it’s “legal.” You know it’s legalized corruption.


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