TAMPA BAY TIMES: Adam Putnam's selective environmental concerns

TAMPA BAY TIMES: February 7, 2017. Written by Kimberly Mitchell

Florida Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam seems quite selective when it comes to his concerns — suspiciously so.

Surprising? No.

Disappointing? Absolutely.

At last week's Associated Press legislative planning session in Tallahassee, Putnam talked to the media about citrus greening, pythons in the Everglades, screwworms, the mosquito-borne Zika virus and the Giant African Land Snail.

The toxic blue-green algae that has ravaged both of Florida's coasts in two of the last three years? The putrid, disgusting goo that has sickened children, closed businesses, killed fish and wildlife and forced people along the waterways to abandon their homes?

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PALM BEACH POST: The water is going the wrong way

PALM BEACH POST. December 27, 2016. Written by Kimberly Mitchell.

For many, the discussion of Everglades restoration can get a bit overwhelming. The complex, man-made water management problems we face involve not just water quality, but also water quantity, timing and distribution.

Today, America’s Everglades are collapsing from a lack of clean freshwater. Sugar growers Florida Crystals and U.S. Sugar Corp. are literally and politically blocking the path and, therefore, the solution to this sobering fact.

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MIAMI HERALD: Greed and politics are destroying the Everglades

MIAMI HERALD. November 25, 2016. Written by Mary Barley

We heard a lot this political season about government corruption. While not all corruption is illegal, every instance of it is certainly unethical. Americans just showed they are willing to take extreme measures to combat corruption, and our local officials would do well to take heed, for a dangerous corruption is on open display here in Florida, and by any means legal and possible we will eradicate it. Indeed, we must.

Every day in Tallahassee, Gov. Rick Scott subverts the public interest and does the bidding of Big Sugar in exchange for campaign cash. Big Sugar, in this instance, is U.S. Sugar Corp., whose president and CEO is Robert Buker, Jr., and Florida Crystals, owned and operated by the Fanjul family. The result is that the Everglades are in peril and therefore so, too, is the future of South Florida and its residents.

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PALM BEACH POST: Environmentalist is not a four-letter word

PALM BEACH POST. June 13, 2016. Written by Kimberly Mitchell. Also published in THE SUN SENTINEL.

I am writing in response to Malcolm “Bubba” Wade Jr.’s June 10 Point of View in The Palm Beach Post, “Environmental critics muddying waters with misinformation” regarding the environmental devastation happening in three areas of South Florida: St Lucie River (Stuart area), Caloosahatchee River (Fort Myers area) and Florida Bay (the Florida Keys). I think we have all become accustomed to Big Sugar’s standard refrain of “It’s not our fault!”

Our work at the Everglades Trust is not centered on who’s at fault. Rather, it is singularly focused on the solution. There is only one solution to solving this horrific nightmare and it is a large water storage area, an Everglades reservoir, south of Lake Okeechobee. Scientists and biologists know it. The people know it. And Big Sugar knows it.

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NAPLES DAILY NEWS: Everglades protection must prevail against sugar industry

NAPLES DAILY NEWS. June 16, 2016. Written by Kimberly Mitchell.

We all pay dearly for Florida's sugar industry. It needs to end.

A recent guest commentary in the Naples Daily News from the Florida Sugar Cane League claimed that Florida sugar production is the epitome of family farmers hard at work.

Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, the most recent agricultural census reveals that there are only about 150 sugar "farms" in Florida, two of which account for some 300,000 acres of production — some family enterprise!

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