Sun Sentinel: Oil-drilling plan revived for Broward Everglades

Sun Sentinel: Written by David Fleshler. October 18, 2017.

A state judge has revived an oil-drilling proposal for the Everglades of western Broward County, recommending that the Florida Department of Environmental Protection issue a drilling permit to the company that owns the land.

Kanter Real Estate LLC, which represents the family of pioneering South Florida developer Joseph Kanter, had applied for a permit for a single exploratory well in wetlands about six miles west of Miramar. The company, which owns about 20,000 acres of the Everglades, proposed to drill to a depth of 11,800 feet on a six-acre site to see if there was enough oil to be worth extracting.

The Florida Department of Environmental Protection rejected the company’s application, which had generated considerable local opposition, citing the impact to wetlands and lack of evidence that sufficient oil was there.

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