MIAMI HERALD: Nikki Fried pulls ahead in race for Florida’s agriculture commissioner

Miami Herald: Written by Samantha Gross. November 8, 2018.


Nicole “Nikki” Fried may have a fighting chance at being the Democrat’s last hope for a statewide seat.

The Fort Lauderdale attorney and lobbyist is leading Republican challenger Rep. Matt Caldwell by a mere 2,914 votes as of 8:20 p.m. Thursday, according to the Division of Elections. At the start of the day, she trailed Caldwell by about 4,000 votes.

It is almost certain that a manual recount is in store: the threshold is 0.25 points. But unofficial statewide results have to be reported to the state elections office before a recount can be officially ordered. The deadline for counties to report unofficial results is Saturday at noon.

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