Just say no to Caldwell - Vote Nikki Fried!

Nikki Fried (D) - Commissioner of Agriculture

The destructive influence of Big Sugar is deeply embedded in both political parties in Tallahassee and Washington, D.C. For us to merely vote along party lines will not break their stranglehold on Florida's government. Voting for candidates with the political will to stand up to and push past the status quo is what it will take. Matt Caldwell has been beholden to Big Sugar for his entire political career and will continue to carry their water. Matt is all sugared up, he has no intention of quitting that addiction anytime soon. 

In the race for Commissioner of Agriculture, the Everglades candidate is Nikki Fried.

Nikki has spent a great deal of time learning the specific challenges the Everglades and coastal estuaries are facing and understands the issues that have prevented the real progress we need to restore these waterways. She understands the impact of this position and as Commissioner she will ensure that the Everglades are prioritized and protected for future generations.
Florida’s wildlife, fisheries, beaches, rivers and lakes are being devastated by toxic algae and pollution-fueled red tide that is now affecting human health and risking water supplies. Our next governor, cabinet and legislature must be dedicated to Everglades restoration – and have the backbone to stand up to special corporate interests that have hampered progress for decades.