U.S NEWS: New Study Says Sugar Industry Has Tried To Sway Science

U.S NEWS: September 12, 2016. Written by Candice Choi.

NEW YORK (AP) — The sugar industry began funding research that cast doubt on sugar's role in heart disease — in part by pointing the finger at fat — as early as the 1960s, according to an analysis of newly uncovered documents.

The analysis published Monday is based on correspondence between a sugar trade group and researchers at Harvard University, and is the latest example showing how food and beverage makers attempt to shape public understanding of nutrition.

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TCPALM: Water management district needs to stop smearing critics

TCPALM: September 9, 2016. Written by Editorial Board.

The South Florida Water Management District bears an awesome responsibility. The agency guards against flooding and protects water supplies in a 16-county region stretching from Orlando to Key West. It helms Florida's Everglades restoration efforts. And it manages some 2,100 miles of canals and 2,000 miles of levees or berms, more than 1,200 water control structures and culverts, dozens of pump stations and thousands of hydrological monitoring stations.

Yet with all that, the agency still has plenty of time for politicking.

Since last fall, when Gov. Rick Scott's former general counsel Pete Antonacci was installed as head of the district, the water management district has gone after its critics with a vengeance.

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WPTV: Hillary Clinton sending Carol Browner to tour Treasure Coast waterways

WPTV: September 7, 2016. Written by Meghan McRoberts.

MARTIN COUNTY, Fla. -- A presidential candidate has responded to an invitation from Martin County Commissioners to tour the St. Lucie River after it was coated in toxic algae blooms.

Commissioners sent letters to Both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump at the end of July.

Hillary Clinton responded with a letter Tuesday saying residents have a right to clean waterways.

She will not be making a visit to Martin County herself, but will be sending someone on her behalf Monday, September 12.

That person, Carol Browner, is a former long-time administrator for the Environmental Protection Agency and native Floridian.

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PALM BEACH POST: Water district wields heavy hand against Audubon

PALM BEACH POST: September 6, 2016. Written by The Editorial Board.

There appears to be a new atmosphere at the South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD), and not a good one. The agency charged with environmental restoration, water supply and flood protection in 16 counties is taking a jarringly adversarial tone that smacks of a political war room.

Recently, the agency lashed out at the head of Audubon of Florida, who had the gall to suggest that the district use its own, ample reserves rather than insist that the federal government pay for the removal of invasive plant species that are seriously eroding the Arthur R. Marshall Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge, the only remnant of the northern Everglades in Palm Beach County.

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SUN SENTINEL: To save the Everglades, go south

SUN SENTINEL: September 3, 2016. Written by Sun Sentinel Editorial Board.

Joe Negron is the right person at the right time with the right idea to help deal with Florida's water crisis.

Negron is the incoming state Senate president. His district includes Martin County, where discharges from Lake Okeechobee have created toxic algae, fouling waterways and the Atlantic Ocean.

Negron wants the state to buy 60,000 acres of farmland south of the lake for a reservoir, easing the need to dump water into fragile coastal estuaries.

Here is his math:

To protect the dike on the lake's south side, the U.S Army Corps of Engineers has released 180 billion gallons of water into the St. Lucie and Caloosahatchee Rivers this year because of unusually heavy winter rains. The reservoir Negron envisions could hold 120 billion gallons.

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Palm Beach Post: Algae blooms a disaster many years in the making

Palm Beach Post: Algae blooms a disaster many years in the making. August 27, 2016. Point of View. Written by Preston T. Robertson.

Recent state and national headlines are full of the algal bloom disaster now unfolding in South Florida, especially along our east coast and in Martin County. A wave of green, smelly, toxic goop has invaded coastal areas, fouling water and suffocating aquatic species and manatees. This situation is not only upsetting, it is, unfortunately, completely predictable.

Since the Hoover Dike was completed in the 1960s, essentially making Lake Okeechobee into a giant bath tub, pollutant-laden water from agricultural and other sources have been deposited into the Kissimmee River and surrounding watersheds which has traveled south to the Lake. Nitrogen and phosphorous now degrade this once pristine water body, which had once been a fishery of great renown. Following completion of the dike, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, fearing a breach or overflow of the dike, has pulsed polluted water east and west, to the coasts. Prior to the dike, clean water had flowed slowly south, thereby creating the “River of Grass” and the Everglades. Today, millions of gallons polluted water are shunted to the St. Lucie Canal eastward or to the Caloosahatchee River westward.

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NBC-2: Cape Coral leaders back Now or Neverglades

NBC-2: Cape Coral leaders back Now or Neverglades. August 29, 2016. Written by Jesse Pagan.

CAPE CORAL- Cape Coral city leaders are now backing the Now or Neverglades Declaration, pushing for changes in the way water is released from Lake Okeechobee.

The declaration asks that Amendment One money be used to buy the land that is south of the lake. This land would then be used to store and treat the freshwater released from the lake, keeping it away from the St. Lucie and Caloosahatchee estuaries.

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EYE ON MIAMI:Hillary Clinton favors purchase of Big Sugar lands in Everglades Agricultural Area?

EYE ON MIAMI: August 18, 2016. Written by Gimleteye.

Hillary Clinton wrote an important OPED, published in the Treasure Coast Palm yesterday.

In it, she endorses purchase of Big Sugar lands in the EAA. . Hillary appears to accept the Now or Neverglades Declaration. The Declaration is rippling across the Florida political front and proving a litmus test from county commission to state legislative and the US Senate race. Clinton ought to sign the declaration now.

Otherwise, words are cheap. Hillary Clinton writes: "One of my husband's proudest accomplishments was signing a bipartisan bill in 2000 that finally committed to restoring the flow of fresh water through the Everglades and securing reliable clean water supplies for agriculture, businesses and families." Wait.

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THE HILL: Taxpayers should be wary of false sugar reform proposals

THE HILL: August 16, 2016. Written by David Williams.

The U.S. sugar lobby constantly reminds people that crony capitalism is alive and well in Washington, D.C., as they continue to protect their sweet deal of federal subsidies that come at the expense of American consumers and taxpayers. To make matters worse, the sugar lobby is promoting a plan (called “zero-for-zero”) to push all other countries to get rid of their sugar subsidies before we do anything about our own. If it sounds unreasonable, that is because it is.

Not only is this so-called “zero-for-zero” proposal for sugar policy unreasonable, it is also highly unlikely that other nations will abandon their protectionist subsidies, especially when the country demanding this false reform has a sugar industry that is so highly subsidized. Clearly, the only real purpose of “zero-for-zero” is to give the U.S. sugar lobby an excuse for zero reform.

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CROWLEY POLITICAL REPORT: Poll Showing Francis Rooney Ahead Was Done By His Campaign Consultant


Florida Politics, a website owned by Peter Schorsch, reported today that a new poll shows Florida congressional candidate Francis Rooney way ahead with a "double digit lead over his Republican rivals."

The "poll" was done by an organization called Remington Research Group.

Pray tell - who is that?

According to Florida Politics, the Remington poll shows that: Rooney leads the pack with 45 percent of the vote. Chauncey Goss is in second with 29 percent, while Dan Bongino received 15 percent support. The poll found 11 percent of respondents were still undecided. . . . Remington Research Group surveyed 1,606 likely Republican primary voters in Florida’s 19th Congressional District from Aug. 14 through Aug. 15. The automated survey has a margin of error of 2.4 percent.

But pray tell - who is Remington?

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