OCALA STAR BANNER: Joe Henderson: Environment top issue in gov's race

OCALA STAR BANNER: October 16, 2016. Written by Joe Henderson (Editorial).

I think we have one of our first major campaign issues for the 2018 race to succeed Rick Scott as Florida’s governor. Any serious candidate who doesn’t come out strongly in favor of beefing up the state Department of Environmental Protection will miss a great opportunity.

In just the last couple of months alone, an understaffed and likely overwhelmed DEP has had to deal with the algae bloom that threatened to trash summer tourism in Stuart and surrounding areas.

Recriminations are still flying back and forth in the sewage overflow in St. Petersburg and the surrounding area in the aftermath of Hurricane Hermine. DEP was called in to investigate.

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BULLSUGAR.ORG: We Oppose Matt Caldwell Special Interest Agent Destroying Environmental Regulations From The Inside

BULLSUGAR.ORG: October 2016. Written by Bullsugar.org.

Bullsugar.org strongly opposes Matt Caldwell’s bid for reelection to the Florida House. We urge voters to support his opponent, John Scott, to represent the 79th district.

Scott is running in part because he’s watched the collapse of the Caloosahatchee ruin Lee County waters and erode the tourist economy, small businesses, and home values - all on Matt Caldwell’s watch, and all as a direct result of Caldwell’s alliance with the sugar industry and other corporate interests that finance him.

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SUN SENTINEL: Send Patrick Murphy to Senate; send shirker Marco Rubio home

SUN SENTINEL: October 14, 2016. Written by the Sun Sentinel Editorial Board.

Floridians deserve a U.S. senator who genuinely wants to do the job and who views his office as something more than a place to cool his heels until it's time to run for president again. That means voters should give the job to Patrick Murphy.

Democrat Murphy, who lives in Jupiter, serves in the U.S. House. He's running against Republican Marco Rubio of West Miami, who currently is serving — when he shows up for work — in the U.S. Senate.

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THE GAINESVILLE SUN: Dave Denslow: Corporate welfare with an environmental cost

THE GAINESVILLE SUN: October 14, 2016. Written by Dave Denslow.

County Commissioner Robert Hutchinson has noted Alachua County’s low rank in the share of land under conservation management, 37th among Florida’s 67 counties.

Using the August 2016 update of the Florida Natural Areas Inventory, I calculate that 30 percent of Florida’s acreage has been set aside for conservation. For Alachua County, that share falls just under 20 percent. The leader is Monroe with 96 percent. Others with more than 60 percent include Miami-Dade, Collier and Broward. If you think you see a pattern there, you’re right. Each of those counties has enormous Everglades acreage under federal or state management.

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WPTV: FAU Harbor Branch scientists study impacts of algae blooms on sharks, stingrays

WPTV: October 12, 2016. Written by Meghan McRoberts.

ST. LUCIE COUNTY, Fla. -- The thick, green mats of algae in the Indian River Lagoon haven’t been seen for months, but chances are they will return.

Brand new research is being done to see what kind of harm algae blooms could have on sea life.

Researchers with FAU Harbor Branch are aiming to learn more about how the blooms, or other factors like Lake Okeechobee discharges, impact sharks and stingrays.

Dr. Matthew Ajemian says the predators are some of the best subjects to gauge long-term impacts to the Indian River Lagoon. They live for decades and can be tracked for a longer period of time than other sea life.

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TAMPA BAY TIMES: Times recommends: Bob Buesing, Darryl Rouson for Florida Senate

TAMPA BAY TIMES: October 13, 3016. Written by Editorial. 

With several prominent state senators unopposed or facing only write-in candidates, there are just two genuine Florida Senate races in the Tampa Bay area. The outcomes will affect which issues get more emphasis in Tallahassee, including health care and children's initiatives.

Bob Buesing

District 18

Bob Buesing distinguishes himself in this race for an open Senate seat with his life experience, passion and appreciation of everyday challenges Floridians face. He is uniquely qualified and would bring a strong voice for this Tampa-area district.

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CAPTIVASANIBEL: Letter to the Editor: Vote 'yes' for filthy water

CAPTIVASANIBEL: October 12, 2016. Witten by Charles Sobczak. 

To the editor:

Election day is just around the corner and I would like to take a moment to remind everyone to vote "yes" for another decade of polluted water coming down the Caloosahatchee and destroying our estuaries. I know there isn't a ballot for this specific issue so, in order to keep the water unsafe, un-swimmable and toxic please vote for these two biggest political proxies instead.

First, make sure you vote for the re-election of Senator Marco Rubio. Senator Rubio's largest donors are the from Big Sugar, including the Fanjul family. Rubio has consistently supported the continuation of sugar subsidies and has done his best to introduce legislation that allows polluters to continue their back-pumping. He has historically opposed any buyouts of the lands south of Lake Okeechobee. His re-election guarantees at least another six years of unmitigated pollution.

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TCPALM: Guest column: Confluence of crises in Florida

TCPALM: October 12, 2016. Written by Wayne Mills.

If things weren't bad enough with sea level rise flooding South Florida on high tides and especially full moons, the Zika virus, toxic algal blooms on the east and west coasts of Florida, saltwater incursion in wells 3 miles inland, fish kills, algal blooms along the 156-mile-long Indian River Lagoon — now we have what the media is reporting may be the biggest sinkhole in Florida’s history.

A major phosphate company near Tampa, Mosaic, developed a leak in its storage pond, with a 45-foot-wide hole in the bottomdraining an estimated 215 million gallons of toxic and radioactive waste into the aquifer. The hole could be as deep as 750 feet and, if so, it would readily contaminate the Florida aquifer serving millions of Floridians. Oh, and Mosaic didn’t think to notify the public or the state when it occurred.

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HOTAIR: Sugar subsidies are the zombies of crony capitalism

HOTAIR: October 10, 2016. Written by Jazz Shaw.

It’s probably too late to get either of the presidential candidates to focus on something as silly as destructive government policies which could absolutely be addressed by congress next year, but for what it’s worth we may as well give it a try. Perhaps we could at least scratch the surface of helping out our struggling economy if our aspiring leaders agreed to take a fresh look at the toxic effects of crony capitalism and ruinous subsidies which are no longer needed. A good place to start would be sugar subsidies.

We have these sugar laws on the books today because they became entrenched in the system thanks to some depression era legislation known as the Jones-Costigan Amendment. This was originally intended as a temporary, emergency measure which would help the nascent American sugar industry to stay on its feet in the face of crushing competition during a difficult period. Unfortunately, like so many cogs in the federal government machinery, once it took root it latched on like a leech.

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PALM BEACH POST: Florida bridge named one of the world's most beautiful

PALM BEACH POST: October 11, 2016. Written by Zach Dennis.

According to a new list, one of the most beautiful bridges in the world is not only in the United States — it's in Florida. 

Thrillist compiled photos of the most beautiful bridges in the world with the Seven Mile Bridge in the Florida Keys making the cut. Other bridges on the list included: the Gateshead Millennium Bridge in England, Langkawi Sky Bridge in Malaysia, The Millau Viaduct in France, the Rialto Bridge in Venice, the Mile High Swinging Bridge in North Carolina, and the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge in New York. 

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