CBS12: Everglades Foundation looking to gain support on restoration plans

CBS12: October 30, 2016. Written by Yaremi Farinas.

The Everglades Foundation is looking to gain support as it continues its #NowOrNeverglades bus tour.

Sunday marks the fifth day of the 12-day bus tour with stops in 20 cities in Florida.

Early Sunday, West Palm Beach resident Marty Straton visited the South Florida Science Museum to check out the bus tour.

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CBS12: Campaign Contributions: It's a family affair

CBS12 Investigates found a small number of wealthy families in our community donating the most to political campaigns in an effort to wield influence in American politics.

Who are the local families donating big bucks into the 2016 elections?

For some of the donors from South Florida, it’s a family affair.

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EYE ON MIAMI: How Big Sugar dominates Florida: a case study

EYE ON MIAMI: October 29, 2016. Written by Gimleteye.

In Florida this election cycle, Big Sugar is playing hard in a state representative election, District 83 north of Palm Beach, that says everything about “rigged systems” and “political cronyism”. Surprised?

Crystal Mills Lucas, a first time Democratic candidate for the Florida state legislature, is running against Gayle Harrell, a Republican in Martin County — the formerly sleepy county that includes Stuart and Port St. Lucie. Lucas has been endorsed by the local newspaper, the Treasure Coast Palm.

The incoming president of the Florida Senate, Joe Negron, is from the area. His support of Harrell would be partisan and politically correct, but it is more than that. To see what a challenger like Lucas faces in a lock-down, rigged system; consider the following.

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ORLANDO SENTINEL: Who’ll perform CPR on Everglades? South Florida chokes on guacamole

ORLANDO SENTINEL: October 30, 2016. Written by Eric Eikenberg.

Imagine that one of Florida's most important flood-control structures has been ruptured, and that every day, 1.5 billion gallons of toxic water is gushing into two of Florida's most popular sport fishing, boating and tourist areas.

Soon, a dark, smelly blue-green algae bloom forms in the waterways, with the consistency of guacamole. Below the surface, the algae is suffocating sea grass where sport fish breed; exposure to the water is toxic to wildlife and pets. For humans, simply inhaling the air near the water results in symptoms similar to asthma. People are getting sick. Those who work near the water are wearing respiratory gear.

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SAINTPETERSBLOG.COM: Everglades Trust endorses Bob Buesing in the SD 18 race

SAINTPETERSBLOG.COM: October 27, 2016. Written by Mitch Perry.

Attorney and Senate District 18 Democratic candidate Bob Buesing boasts on the campaign trail he is a proud signer of the Now Or Neverglades Declaration, so it’s not exactly a surprise he is receiving the endorsement of the Everglades Trust.

Buesing was one of 18 candidates running in local, state, and federal races in Florida next month who received the backing of the Trust Thursday, the first time in their 22-year history the group is making endorsements.

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TCPALM: Army Corps still won't stop Lake Okeechobee discharges to St. Lucie River

TCPALM: October 27, 2016. Written by Tyler Treadway.

Lake Okeechobee discharges to the St. Lucie Estuary will be reduced to a seven-day average of 519 million gallons a day beginning Friday.

The Army Corps of Engineers announced the latest round of discharge reductions Thursday, noting that Lake O is receding and the summer wet season is "winding down," according to Candida Bronson, acting operations chief for Florida.

Lake O has dropped within 2 inches of the corps' maximum preferred height. On Thursday morning, the lake elevation was 15 feet, 7¼ inches. The corps tries to keep the lake between 12 feet, 6 inches at the start of the summer rainy season and 15 feet, 6 inches at the end of it.​

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MIAMI HERALD: Support those who support the Everglades

MIAMI HERALD: October 27, 2016. Written by Don Jodrey.

As Floridians go to the polls, they face clear choices of whether the leaders they ultimately elect will have the political will, knowledge and skills necessary to restore the Everglades. After advising top political appointees since 1992, I know the same thing that South Floridians know: The clean water necessary to fuel the region’s economy and ensure its environmental sustainability must move south to the Everglades and not be wasted by flushing it out to tide.

Our ability to reverse the trajectory of ecological decline in the Everglades is therefore not just a test of our scientific knowledge, engineering smarts and our determination to never give up, but it is also about the choices we make to elect leaders who are able to address the most important challenges of our times, including global change. Electing leaders who lack leadership skills will surely halt the incredible progress that the restoration partners have made to date. Do Floridians want a restored Everglades or not?

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NEWS-PRESS: 'Save Our Water' Summit: 8 quotes to remember

NEWS-PRESS: October 27, 2016. Written by Dave Breitenstein.

Wednesday's "Save Our Water" Market Watch Summit saw two dozen experts take the stage at Sanibel Harbour Marriott Resort and Spa.

They represented a wide variety of interests and presented a host of issues, all in support of the conference's overriding theme of saving Florida's most precious natural resource — its water.

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NAPLES DAILY NEWS: Caloosahatchee River summit draws hundreds to discuss Lake Okeechobee releases

NAPLES DAILY NEWS: October 27, 2016. Written by Eric Staats.

Caloosahatchee River water quality concerns drew hundreds of people to a daylong summit Wednesday to hear — and often debate — ways to protect one of Southwest Florida’s most important natural assets.

Some 400 people — fishermen, farmers, hoteliers, environmentalists, Realtors — attended the “Save Our Water” event sponsored jointly by The News-Press and the Naples Daily News at the Sanibel Harbour Marriott Resort and Spa.

The mood was set early as the event began with attendees standing and calling out in unison the message on the placards they held in the air: “Save Our Water!”

TCPALM: Editorial endorsement: U.S House, District 18

TCPALM: October 23, 2016. Written by Editorial Board.

On paper, Randy Perkins looks like a very appealing candidate. He rose from modest roots to build one of the largest disaster-recovery firms in the country, AshBritt Environmental Inc. Now a multimillionaire, Perkins has funded most of his own campaign, making him less susceptible to special interests.

And philosophically, Perkins is a moderate Democrat who has previously supported Republicans; a potential benefit in this split congressional district.

However, Perkins' temperament is anything but moderate — and we have reservations about it. Perkins was aggressive and unfocused during his interview with the Editorial Board of Treasure Coast Newspapers, often interrupting others and lurching from one line of attack to the next.

We could have tolerated his disposition if he had made compelling arguments in favor of District 18's most pressing issues. He didn't.

Rather, his Republican opponent, Brian Mast, hit the nail on the head when asked what the most critical issue facing this district is. His answer: "Water."

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