MIAMI HERALD: More summer rain means more environmental problems across South Florida

Miami Herald: Written by Jenny Staletolvich. July 24, 2017.

After record rain sent water levels soaring across farmland south of Lake Okeechobee and water conservation areas from Palm Beach to Broward counties last month, South Florida water managers raced to flush the peninsula, pumping billions of gallons out to sea and into Biscayne Bay, and opening floodgates normally closed to protect endangered Cape Sable seaside sparrows.

Within three days, what remained dry in sparrow nesting grounds was under water. Manatee Bay, north of the Overseas Highway, turned nearly fresh — salinity this week remained a third of what it should be. And in the Everglades, Taylor River contained more saltwater than fresh.

“They’re just not putting it in the right places. They’re dumping it,” said Audubon Florida’s Research director Jerry Lorenz. “I recognize the need for emergency action with as much rain as we got. I just think it could have done better than just dumping it.”

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