Michael Grieco

Michael Grieco (D) House District 113    Michael Grieco   

Since his first election in 2013, Commissioner Grieco has maintained his commitment for independent thought and availability. Michael even took his first elected office door off the hinges his first week in office as a symbol of transparency in government. In his first years in office, Grieco focused his efforts on both big and small ticket items ranging from environmental initiatives to traffic solutions and further improvements to education. Michael continues to fight for the disenfranchised and voiceless members of our community by putting residents’ quality of life above all. Michael has become known as being not afraid to talk about tough issues, including homelessness, refocusing the meaning of Memorial Day weekend and public safety.

After graduating the University of Miami School Of Law in 1999, Michael started his legal career as a Miami-Dade Assistant State Attorney. As a prosecutor he learned about not only the rule of law, but its application throughout the county. Michael excelled in the office, spending a majority of his six years focused on Gang and Narcotics enforcement before becoming a supervising Felony Division Chief in 2005. Michael then opened his law practice in 2007, choosing to become a small business owner. He has since built a successful boutique trial practice focused on criminal defense and victim advocacy and can be seen regularly on MSNBC and CNN opining on legal issues and high profile trials.

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