MIAMI HERALD: Support those who support the Everglades

MIAMI HERALD: October 27, 2016. Written by Don Jodrey.

As Floridians go to the polls, they face clear choices of whether the leaders they ultimately elect will have the political will, knowledge and skills necessary to restore the Everglades. After advising top political appointees since 1992, I know the same thing that South Floridians know: The clean water necessary to fuel the region’s economy and ensure its environmental sustainability must move south to the Everglades and not be wasted by flushing it out to tide.

Our ability to reverse the trajectory of ecological decline in the Everglades is therefore not just a test of our scientific knowledge, engineering smarts and our determination to never give up, but it is also about the choices we make to elect leaders who are able to address the most important challenges of our times, including global change. Electing leaders who lack leadership skills will surely halt the incredible progress that the restoration partners have made to date. Do Floridians want a restored Everglades or not?

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