NATIONAL REVIEW: Marco Rubio’s Billion-Dollar Sugar Addiction

National Review: Written by Elania Plott. November 13, 2015.

When Marco Rubio announced his bid for president in April, he delivered a message of opportunity. He lamented the increasingly hollow promise of the American Dream, as small-business owners find themselves crippled by “the weight of more taxes, more regulations, and more government.” He walked off the stage to thunderous applause and into the embrace of Jose “Pepe” Fanjul, the billionaire sugar baron who for years now has helped bankroll Rubio’s political career.

It’s another relationship between Rubio and a top donor that could raise eyebrows. Back in May, the New York Times penned an exposé on Norman Braman, who has donated $10 million to the super PAC supporting Rubio’s campaign, and whose charitable foundation has employed Rubio’s wife. The revelations were embarrassing for Rubio, but carried no implication that he’d adjusted his political positions to serve Braman’s interests.

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