DAILY VOICE: Letter To The Editor: Setting The Record Straight On Sugar

Daily Voice: Written by Nicholas Pyle. November 5, 2017.

Dear Editor,

The recent letter from Domino Sugar's Matt Schue does contain some truth, but still does not tell the full story. It is true that I am the President of the Independent Bakers Association. Our organization represents small to medium sized bakeries and wholesalers all across the country. I've been privileged enough to work in the industry for 30 plus years, and in that time meet and work with some truly wonderful people and organizations, including Domino Sugar.

Domino Sugar, once a proud member of IBA, worked hand in hand with other refiners to end the U.S. Sugar Program. Domino Sugar enjoys a rich history in New York, its birthplace, and quickly became one of the nation's leading sugar refiners.

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