LEHIGH ACRES CITIZEN: Response to ‘scurrilous lies’

LEHIGH ACRES CITIZEN: November 2, 2016. Written by John Scott.

To the editor:

In Matt Caldwell's recent letter, he addresses what he calls "scurrilous lies." His record in the Florida legislature speaks for itself, but I feel a direct response is in order:

In 2014, 75 percent of voters passed Amendment 1 to fund acquisition of conservation lands for Everglades restoration. Caldwell and the legislature instead decided to use the funds to pay for state budget expenses, usually done from general revenue.

He missed the point others have made that he undermined the 1996 Polluter Pays Constitutional Amendment (requires polluters in the Everglades Agricultural Area clean up their own mess) and insulted our intelligence by stating that he was in 10th grade in 1996. He was not in 10th grade in 2013, when he sponsored HB 7065 to amend the 1994 Everglades Forever Act, stopping implementation of the Polluter Pays mandate and limiting the sugar industry's long term obligation to fund Everglades restoration.

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