Ken Russell

Ken Russell is Acting Chairman of the City of Miami Commission. Prior to entering politics, Ken was a surfboard salesman and before that, a professional yo-yo player! Playing yo-yo, Ken traveled to 50 countries and learned five languages, selling over 20 million yo-yos. As the founder of a Watersports company, he serviced 100 surf shops around the country, kite-surfed across the Bermuda Triangle, and organized Paddleboard races that have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for Big Brothers Big Sisters. As a kitesurfing instructor, Ken spent eight hours a day on Biscayne Bay, making his living and enjoying the life of a waterman.

When the park in front of his home was closed due to decades-old toxic dumping by the city, Ken organized the neighborhood and led an effort to clean up city parks. He then ran for office and has overseen the remediation of all six of Miami’s contaminated parks. During his time in office, Ken has prioritized the environment. His successful legislation includes limitations on styrofoam, glyphosate, and fertilizers. He passed legislation that shuts down construction sites that allow contamination to flow into the storm drains and Biscayne Bay.

Seeking to share best practices and scale his efforts, Ken has built a statewide network of municipal elected officials called the MVP Municipal Victory Program. He hosts monthly round tables where these electeds share best practices and policies on a variety of city/county topics including the environment.

Ken joins the board of directors of the Everglades Trust with an objective of teaching and influencing current and aspiring elected officials that no matter how our politics lean, we ALL must prioritize Everglades Restoration and clean water flow throughout the state.

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