MIAMI HERALD: For the River of Grass, let’s keep reservoir process flowing

Miami Herald: Written by Miami Herald Editorial Board. May 27, 2017.

Last month, we praised the Florida Senate for “getting it.” We urged the House to follow suit and, fortunately, lawmakers there got it, too. We talking about nothing less than ensuring the lasting health and vitality of the Everglades and, therefore, the health and vitality of South Floridians.

Earlier this month, Gov. Rick Scott, too, affirmed just how important the River of Grass is to Florida, and signed a bill that will lead to the creation of a desperately needed reservoir that will store billions of gallons of water and redirect it south to replenish the Everglades. It’s just our source of drinking water, after all.

This victory has been 17 years in the making, progressing in fits and starts, stalling, then, in the most recent legislative session, ably powered through by Senate President Joe Negron.

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