John Scott


John Scott (D) FL House District 79

John Scott was born in Hialeah, but has lived in Lee County for almost 40 years. He’s spent the past 23 years in the Information Technology field. John and his wife, Ruth, live in North Fort Myers with their two rescue dogs and are proud to call Southwest Florida their home.

If water quality, your local economy, tourism and property values matter to you, cast your vote for John Scott. He is a good man, but is being horribly outspent by special interests from outside the district giving heavily to his opponent Matt Caldwell – Big Sugar is at the top of that list.

John is a proud signer of the Now Or Neverglades Declaration. Knowing he’d be an underdog, John Scott got into this race because he knows it’s #NowOrNeverglades.

To learn more about John, visit his website at

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