GAINESVILLE SUN: It’s time to start freaking out about our water

Gainesville Sun: Written by Ron Cunningham. January 12, 2018. 

Call me a dewy-eyed optimist, but I’m hoping this may actually be the year we finally notice that we’re up to our keisters in water woes.

And then decide to do something about it.

These days you can hardly pick up the paper without feeling, well, seasick.

— Start with Donald Trump’s audacious plan to open up American’s coastlines for oil and gas exploitation, from Alaska to the Georgia-Florida border.

Good news/bad news here: Good: Florida beaches will be spared while Rick Scott runs for the U.S. Senate. Bad: If Scott loses it’ll be “drill, baby, drill” from Fernandina clear round the horn to Pensacola.

— Not that we Floridians need the feds to muddy our water. We’re quite capable of polluting it ourselves. The nutrient-laden filth coming out of Lake Okeechobee has gotten so bad that even our green-is-just-the-color-of-money Legislature may finally be shamed into spending $1 billion for a giant enclosure to pen the stuff up in the Everglades.

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