TC PALM: Is it "Lost Summer" or "Lost Decade?"

TC Palm: Written by Ed Killer. May 26, 2018.

Another lost summer awaits the Treasure Coast.

At least that's the sentiment of some in the waterfront communities along the Treasure Coast. Boating, inshore saltwater fishing, watersports, even diving nearshore coral reefs appear to be in jeopardy for the next few months thanks to the early arrival of the 2018 rainy season.

I know it's only Memorial Day Weekend, but already we've seen the skies open up unceasingly, and in record-setting fashion. The hurricane season's first named storm, Alberto, is already churning through the Gulf of Mexico, headed for Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and the Florida Panhandle.

Hard to fathom that just 12 days ago every roadside swale, low field, water retention pond and ditch was essentially bone dry. Fire season was in full effect, and pine trees throughout the region were like tinder waiting to be lit by a lightning strike or careless camper.

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