If we can put a man on the moon…

1971: The crew of Apollo 14 blasted off atop a Saturn V on January 31, 1971. Less than 6 years after JFK issued a national challenge, the most powerful rocket – still, to this day – was designed and safely launched 24 astronauts to the moon. Americans did this 50 years ago. We most certainly can fix a fatally-flawed water management system now.

2019: “I will lead the efforts to save our waterways. We will fight to restore our Everglades and we will never ever quit. We won’t be cowed and we won’t let the foot draggers stand in our way.” –Governor Ron DeSantis Inaugural Speech (January 8, 2019)

Interesting tidbit: Our executive director’s father, Edgar Mitchell, was onboard Apollo 14, becoming the sixth human to walk on the moon 5 days later.


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