If we can put a man on the moon...

Team Everglades-

In 1961, President John Kennedy stood before Congress and the nation to issue a profound declaration – that before this decade is out, we would land man on the moon and return him safely to Earth.

Within six years, the Saturn V, the world’s most powerful rocket – still, to this day – was designed and began safely launching humans to moon’s orbit. And before the decade was out, we had landed men on the moon and watched them splash down safely into the South Pacific nine days later.

Our nation will celebrate the 50th anniversary of Apollo XI, that first moon landing this year. Earlier this week, my family celebrated the 48th anniversary of my own father’s historic moonwalk.

These big things are a poignant reminder that Americans can do anything we set our minds to. We have an enormous task at hand – saving our waterways and America’s Everglades – but we have it within us to achieve the goals. In fact, we have no option but to do so.

Whether we are poised for greatness or failure depends on the men and women, whose responsibility it is to get this accomplished, caring enough about our future by doing the right thing today.

In his inaugural speech on January 8, 2019, Governor Ron DeSantis proclaimed: “I will lead the efforts to save our waterways. We will fight to restore our Everglades and we will never ever quit. We won’t be cowed and we won’t let the foot draggers stand in our way.”

Floridians will need all our legislators to demonstrate the same political will. It will be up to all of us – millions of Floridians – insisting they do.

We’ve got quite a year ahead.

Stick with us!

Kimberly Mitchell, Executive Director


In the news

On July 20, 1969, humans walked on another world for the first time in history, achieving the goal that President John F. Kennedy  set in 1961, before Americans had even orbited the Earth.

MIAMI HERALD: 50 years ago we walked on the moon

We’ve known this day was coming for decades. We’ve funded research, supported politicians, worked against politicians, pleaded and cajoled to stop it. Lately, we’ve committed to waking the masses. And it's working.

Millions of Floridians are standing up. The Governor is standing up. Now, we must push the Legislature to follow suit.

FOX 4: Report says Florida's coasts, waterways are at a crossroad

“We can generally spot explosions of cyanobacteria in water because it produces it signature blue-green slime, but scientists have not tested the air near these blooms in Florida – until now. The initial findings showed all who were tested had liver toxin in their noses.”

FOX 13: Florida's toxic algae crisis grows as toxins found in air concern researchers

Fantastic editorial: “Today, paradise is spoiled. And we voters have ourselves to blame. We continue to elect Republicans and Democrats, alike, who are more beholden to the interests of business than the interests of ordinary voters.

We are left with choking algal blooms, dying fish populations, red tide and human health concerns.”

TAMPA BAY TIMES: Maxwell: Let's save the paradise that is Florida 

“Officials theorized the dolphins were healthy before ingesting fish poisoned by red tide from an offshore bloom, said Blair Mase, a marine mammal stranding coordinator for NOAA.” Without a complete 180 in priorities, this only grows worse from here. The Florida Legislature better get onboard with the Governor.

NEWS PRESS: Eight dolphins found stranded in Lee County

Big Sugar likes massive amounts of water from Lake O when it wants it, and absolutely no water when it wants none. Everything and everyone else suffers as a result.

Enter Governor Ron DeSantis and Congressman Brian Mast, and the Corps is willing to revise the water release schedule. Nice.

WPTV: Army Corps of Engineers set to revise management of Lake Okeechobee


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