WINK News: How will the Farm Bill impact southwest Florida?

WINK News: Written by Oliver Redsten. December 19, 2018.

Congressional Republicans and President Donald Trump are calling the farm bill a significant victory. But southwest Florida Republican Francis Rooney is calling it something else.

“I think it’s definitely a waste of money for where we live,” Congressman Rooney said.

Rooney was one of only 47 congresspersons who voted against the bill. His main objection is what he calls, the “bloated subsidies,” for sugar companies.

“They are not very constructive with helping us with their private land for the EAA reservoir, things like that,” Rooney said, referring to the Everglades Agricultural Area Reservoir. “So I got a wonder why should the taxpayers be subsidizing an industry, which doesn’t really create a food anyway? It creates a toxin.”

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