HOTAIR: Sugar subsidies are the zombies of crony capitalism

HOTAIR: October 10, 2016. Written by Jazz Shaw.

It’s probably too late to get either of the presidential candidates to focus on something as silly as destructive government policies which could absolutely be addressed by congress next year, but for what it’s worth we may as well give it a try. Perhaps we could at least scratch the surface of helping out our struggling economy if our aspiring leaders agreed to take a fresh look at the toxic effects of crony capitalism and ruinous subsidies which are no longer needed. A good place to start would be sugar subsidies.

We have these sugar laws on the books today because they became entrenched in the system thanks to some depression era legislation known as the Jones-Costigan Amendment. This was originally intended as a temporary, emergency measure which would help the nascent American sugar industry to stay on its feet in the face of crushing competition during a difficult period. Unfortunately, like so many cogs in the federal government machinery, once it took root it latched on like a leech.

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