Gwen Graham

“In the Democratic primary, the Everglades candidate is Gwen Graham. Throughout her life, Gwen Graham has fought to protect Florida’s natural treasures: as a young law student, she volunteered pro-bono for the Sierra Club; in Congress, she co-sponsored bipartisan legislation to stop oil drilling off our coasts and was a powerful voice for Everglades restoration.”

“Gwen Graham was raised by one of our state’s greatest environmentalists, former Governor Bob Graham, who spearheaded legislation to purchase and protect Big Cypress National Preserve, worked hand-in-hand with Marjory Stoneman Douglas to gain national support and advanced the Save the Everglades campaign.”

– Kimberly Mitchell, Executive Director

After graduating from college and law school, Gwen worked in the private sector as an attorney and then focused on starting a family and raising her three children. Gwen volunteered to serve on her children’s school advisory board and as PTA president, then worked for her local school district where she brought together the administration, teachers and parents to improve education.

In 2014, Gwen challenged an incumbent to win her first Congressional race. She ran on a promise to fight for the middle class and campaigned in every corner of the district.

On the campaign and throughout her time in Congress, Gwen has followed in her father, Governor Bob Graham’s, footsteps with Graham Workdays, where she spends an entire shift working alongside Floridians. Her jobs have included work on farms, teaching in public schools, and even training with the United States Air Force in a T-38 jet.

Gwen rallied the Florida delegation to save the Apalachicola Bay and worked with Senator Bill Nelson to keep oil drilling off our beaches. She voted to support President Obama’s Clean Power Plan and believes we must make the Sunshine State the solar state. As governor, she will use Amendment One funds as voters intended, fight to restore the Everglades, and ban fracking in Florida.

Gwen has three children, Sarah, Graham and Mark Ernest, and she is married to Stephen D. Hurm, a former law enforcement officer and attorney, who currently serves as a faculty member at Florida State University.

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