CNN: Green slime oozes into Florida's primary elections

CNN: Written by Jennifer Gray. August 28, 2018.

Cape Coral, Florida (CNN) Usually, politics and slime go hand-in-hand. "Sliming" a political opponent is well-worn tradition, after all.

But in this midterm election season in South Florida, it's the slime itself that's driving people to the polls.

Green slime oozing from Lake Okeechobee is polluting Florida's pristine waterways that flow east and west from the lake and eventually south into the bays and oceans.

This disaster has caused a dramatic decline in the economy.

It's the topic of conversation around here. Campaigns are going heavy on the environment. Television ads are focused on the algae and billboards now line the roads.

Some voters say they've had enough and they want their voices heard in a big way.

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