ORLANDO SENTINEL: Green algae, red tide muck up Florida race for governor

Orlando Sentinel: Written by Gray Rohrer. August 24, 2018.

 TALLAHASSEE — Slime has taken on a whole new meaning for Florida politicians seeking votes ahead of Tuesday’s primary. A green ooze of algae has taken over large swaths of waterways in southwest Florida and the Treasure Coast, alarming residents and business owners fretting about the impact to tourism and quality of life.

The algae, toxic to marine life and an irritant to ears, eyes and skin of humans, has become political fodder in the heat of the primary season, as candidates in both parties seek to separate themselves from their opponents.

In addition to the blooms inland, communities on the Gulf Coast have also had to deal with red tide, a different algae toxin that poisons marine life. Gov. Rick Scott declared a state of emergency in seven counties to help combat the red tide. The declaration followed a similar one in July for communities affected by the green algae outbreak.

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