MIAMI HERALD: Greed and politics are destroying the Everglades

Miami Herald: Written by Mary Barley. November 23, 2016.

We heard a lot this political season about government corruption. While not all corruption is illegal, every instance of it is certainly unethical. Americans just showed they are willing to take extreme measures to combat corruption, and our local officials would do well to take heed, for a dangerous corruption is on open display here in Florida, and by any means legal and possible we will eradicate it. Indeed, we must.

Every day in Tallahassee, Gov. Rick Scott subverts the public interest and does the bidding of Big Sugar in exchange for campaign cash. Big Sugar, in this instance, is U.S. Sugar Corp., whose president and CEO is Robert Buker, Jr., and Florida Crystals, owned and operated by the Fanjul family. The result is that the Everglades are in peril and therefore so, too, is the future of South Florida and its residents.

In order to survive, the Everglades needs a steady supply of fresh water from Lake Okeechobee. But even if that water could reach the Everglades and ultimately the Florida Keys, it is heavily polluted with nitrogen and phosphorus from agricultural runoff. That’s the reason past summers have seen such toxic waters and algae blooms along the coasts, decimating the fishing, small businesses and tourism.

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