LENS MAGAZINE: Getting the Water Right

Lens Magazine: Written by Jessica Cattelino and Adam Nadel. October 6, 2018.

The Florida Everglades is an iconic national treasure and an imperiled natural wonder. Is it also a home, a workplace, a cultural landscape, and inextricably human. At only 5,000 years old, the Everglades ecosystem has never existed without people. There is no better place than the Everglades to see the destructive effects of artificially separating nature from culture in science, politics, and everyday life.

As is true with other wetlands across the globe, people living their day-to-day lives — whether as real estate developers or water managers, farmers or urban dwellers, tourists or migrant workers — have transformed the Everglades. Since the late 1800s, the slow-moving, watery Everglades ecosystem has shrunk to half its size, as have global wetlands as a whole.

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