Gayle Harrell

Gayle Harrell (R) Senate District 25

Gayle Harrell for Senate      BIO

Gayle’s commitment and service to our community prepared her for her role as our Representative in the Florida House of Representatives. As a child in a military family, a devoted wife and proud mother, a dedicated teacher, a successful business woman, and a committed community volunteer, Gayle was prepared to serve when she was elected to the Florida House of Representatives.

Gayle has used those same skills to identify problems and work with her constituents to solve them. As a result of her leadership, hard work and dedication she has received many awards and has been recognized by numerous organizations for her efforts in the Florida House of Representatives.  (See Legislative Awards here.)

has also stayed close to her community even when she is often called to Tallahassee for Committee meetings, regular Session, or Special Sessions. Whether it is organizing events such as the Juvenile Justice Work Group, DUI and Alcohol Abuse Task Force meetings, Mental Child Abuse working groups, Mental Health and Substance Abuse Community Forums and many others, Gayle is always there to listen to her constituents.

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