Francis Rooney

Congressman Francis Rooney (R) District 19 Michael Gottlieb 

Francis Rooney resides in Southwest Florida with his wife, Kathleen, and is the proud father of three and grandfather of two.

Francis is a life-long conservative who never held elective office until his election to Congress in 2016. He built a successful business record as the chairman of Rooney Holdings, Inc. for more than three decades. The firm engages in building and construction management, and works in the oil and gas, manufacturing, aviation, transportation, retail and environmental industries. 

In 20 months in office Congressman Rooney has personally helped to secure about $1.1 billion in TOTAL Federal funding. This is his number one goal. This funding includes over $700 million dollars for completion of the Herbert Hoover Dike (HHD). This amount gives the Corps all the money it needs to complete the dike the completion and will allow completion 9 years ahead of plan, in 2021. The remaining $300 million will go toward beginning the A-2 (also known as the EAA Reservoir) reservoirsouth of the lake, to allow some 260,000 acre feet of water to be moved south out of the lake, stored and treated there and ultimately sent into the Everglades National Park.


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