PALM BEACH POST: Environmentalist is not a four-letter word

PALM BEACH POST. June 13, 2016. Written by Kimberly Mitchell. Also published in THE SUN SENTINEL.

I am writing in response to Malcolm “Bubba” Wade Jr.’s June 10 Point of View in The Palm Beach Post, “Environmental critics muddying waters with misinformation” regarding the environmental devastation happening in three areas of South Florida: St Lucie River (Stuart area), Caloosahatchee River (Fort Myers area) and Florida Bay (the Florida Keys). I think we have all become accustomed to Big Sugar’s standard refrain of “It’s not our fault!”

Our work at the Everglades Trust is not centered on who’s at fault. Rather, it is singularly focused on the solution. There is only one solution to solving this horrific nightmare and it is a large water storage area, an Everglades reservoir, south of Lake Okeechobee. Scientists and biologists know it. The people know it. And Big Sugar knows it.

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