FLORIDA WEEKLY: The Fix to our water crisis is complicated but doable

FLORIDA WEEKLY: September 28, 2016. Written by Roger Williams.

IT’S THE YEAR OF WATER IN FLORIDA. Unprecedented winter floods swept into Lake Okeechobee from the north, cascading into the delicate estuaries on Florida’s east and west coasts, cooking up the worst summer algae blooms and fish kills in memory.

It was international news. Vacationers stayed away. All businesses touched by tourism reeled from revenue losses.

A fever pitch of frustration resulted in scores of new advocacy groups, petitions, rallies and protests. Following the heaviest rains ever recorded for the month of January — 10 or more inches above the average 2 inches, in many places — releases from the lake into the St. Lucie and Caloosahatchee rivers began in February.

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