SUN SENTINEL: Florida should stand strong against more Everglades oil drilling

Sun Sentinel: Written by Editorial Board. November 3, 2017. 

he Everglades, already robbed of land and water for South Florida’s growth, should be off limits to oil drilling.

Yet a judge’s October ruling could open the door to exploratory oil drilling in a portion of the Everglades in western Broward County.

Despite the judge’s findings, the Florida Department of Environmental Protection should stand strong and reject the drilling proposal and, if necessary, send the fight to a higher court.

In the meantime, the Florida Legislature, which convenes in January, should ban oil drilling in new tracts of the Everglades, as it has banned oil drilling in state waters off Florida’s beaches.

Drilling in the Everglades not only risks polluting the habitat of nearly two dozen threatened or endangered species, it also threatens to contaminate South Florida’s drinking water supply.

Just because the state allowed oil drilling to creep into the Everglades near Collier County decades ago, doesn’t mean it should spread that mistake to western Broward.

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