THE HILL: Florida’s lost summers: Toxic algae ‘emergency’ decades in the making

The Hill: Written by Jaclyn Lopez. September 3, 2018.

A nauseating cocktail of toxic algae that is suffocating significant stretches of Florida’s coast has put it in a state of emergency.

We’ve turned the heart of the Everglades — Lake Okeechobee — into a toilet, causing its veins to course neon green with deadly poison that’s then flushed onto our coasts. That toxic blue-green algae from Lake Okeechobee, combined with the red tide — also a toxic algae — from the Gulf of Mexico, create a murky deathscape that kills almost everything in its wake. Now there’s even a brown algae that’s feeding on the carrionfrom the other two algae.

The debate about the role natural forces play, i.e. “naturally occurring” red tide, in the alarming escalation of Florida’s environmental crisis is a dangerous red herring that distracts from the systemic, ongoing failures that have led to these chronic algae blooms.

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